This may be the most literal example of a forklift truck we’ve ever seen!

Michael Bristow, of Central Missouri, has invented an adapter that turns pickup trucks into a lifting device to enable easy lifting, hauling, storing and unloading of heavy items. Aptly name the Bristow Bed, Michael said that he sees his invention applicable for “Any trade or industry that moves bulk material and uses pickup trucks on a daily basis would benefit from using the Bristow Bed. The Truck Bed will be more cost effective for certain core industries such as landscaping, delivery services, lumberyards, mechanical contractors, and general contractors.”

Michael explains that while running his own HVAC shop eight years ago, he became frustrated with the lack of ways to effectively move material from the shop or supply house to jobsite, he notes on the company website. “I had a skidloader and tractor with a front end loader. That worked okay, but they were never in the right location, so we ended up picking up things that we shouldn’t, just to get the job done,” he said.

The solution? A brand new machine he designed and built himself to serve as a better point-to-point material movement solution. Michael believes that his product will benefit those in the following industries: general contractors, landscaping, moving, linemen, farmers, supply warehouse, military and more.

Currently, Bristow Beds is patent pending and in the process of choosing manufacturers for product licensing agreements, and looking to bring the products to market. “While we excel in prototype design, we lack the years of manufacturing experience that this product warrants,” he tells Forkliftaction News. “We are currently discussing possibilities with a few manufacturers, but the negotiations are still in the early stages.  At this time, we have not signed an exclusivity agreement with any (particular) company.”

See this machine in action in the video below. You can learn more about Bristow Beds on its website.

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Chris Charles is a 27 year veteran of operations and logistics. Experience included commercial property management and project management for an international shipping company in Maryland.

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